Aaldering, Pinotage Rose, “Women of the World”, Magnum 2021

Aaldering, Pinotage Rose, “Women of the World”, Magnum 2021

Aaldering, Pinotage Rose, Limited Edition "Women of the World", Magnum 2021

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Aaldering, Pinotage Rose, “Women of the World”, Magnum 2021


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This season, Aaldering Vineyards & Wines is launching a magnum Pinotage Rosé. And, for the first time, we have opted for a transparent glass bottle so that the bright colour of this rosé is beautifully visible. The wine is themed – another Aaldering first – specifically around the concept “Women of the World”. This theme has been translated into a colourful painting by Dutch artist Maureen Knobben.

Maureen is based in the artistic city of Ootmarsum (the Netherlands) and is known for her modern and colourful paintings. Her subjects are mostly love and happiness, as she explains: “My work should, above all, make people happy; it is great to laugh!”

From now on, we’ll ask Maureen to make a new painting every year, always featuring a different “woman of the world”. Whether Dutch (this version), Japanese or African, she will always be colourful and, of course, unique.


The label is transparent and layered with varnish to create a special look and feel. The mandatory legal information is limited to a small, transparent back label.


The special thing about this new addition to the Aaldering range is that, after you’ve enjoyed the wine, you can remove the Aaldering logo and the back label – and you’re left with a decorative bottle to use as a vase or water carafe for the table. Because the bottle belongs to an entire series of “Women of the World”, it is also a collector’s item.

Pinotage (100%)

Tasting Notes

Clean and crisp entrance, refreshingly dry with good acidity. A medium bodied Rosé that is layered with sweet red berries. Hints of buttery, creamy notes add complexity to this serious and delightful Rosé, finishing off with a lingering aftertaste of red cherries and sweet strawberries.

Vineyard Notes

Clone PI48A
Soils) Rootstock: Richter 99 Altitude: 110-160m above sea level Hectare 6.6

Harvest Report

Soil: Decomposed Granite (Hutton, Clovelly Orientation: South East Facing

Planted 1998

We experienced good cold conditions during the winter and rainfall was higher than previous year. Spring has set in earlier, and the vines initially started to bud earlier than normal. In September, temperature fluctuations delayed vine growth however, and in certain cultivars resulted in late and uneven bud burst. Rain in September led to increase management inputs with regard to canopy and fungal disease management. By the end of September, temperatures rose again with subsequent good vine growth.

Aging Potential

Enjoy right now or age up to 3 years. Bottled with a natural (pressed) cork, in order to ensure a flawless aging capacity. Ideal serving temperature between 10-12°C.

Food Matches

The ideal wine to drink with tapenade or a salade Niçoise, a paella or grilled chicken, fish or lamb with herbs.

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