Post House, Three Pearls Grenache Rose 2020

Post House, Three Pearls Grenache Rose 2020

Post House, Three Pearls Grenache Rose 2020

32 in stock

Post House, Three Pearls Grenache Rose 2020


32 in stock



The Platter‘s Wine Rating System uses a 100-point scale to evaluate the quality of South African wines, with points awarded based on appearance, aroma, taste, and overall quality.

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Grenache Rosé

This delicate salmon pink rosé is made from the Grenache grape. Crisp, easy-drinking and bursting with strawberry and raspberry on the nose along with fresh acidity and a dry finish.

Alcohol 13.3% vol.
Extract 18.4 g/L
Total SO2 124 mg/L
Total acid 5.7 g/L
Residual sugar 2.7 g/L
pH 3.35

Maturation potential 2 years.

About the Name

In 1920 the Coalition Government had Postal stationery produced by overprinting Tsarist Russian postal cards and newspaper wrappers which already had different designs of impressed stamp applied to show that postage had been pre-paid. Similar to the stamps the overprint consisted of the Russian initials ‘DBP’ meaning Far Eastern Republic (Dalne-Vostochnaya Respublika), and was placed horizontally on the imprinted stamp.

Four different postal cards were used. Postal cards of 3 kopeks (1909), 4 kopeks (Romanov card of 1913) 5 kopeks brown (Kerensky card of 1917) and 5 kopeks reply card (Kerensky card of 1917) were overprinted.

Tsarist wrappers of 1890 and 1891, the 1 kopek orange and 2 kopek green were used. Four different wrappers can be distinguished although some catalogues subdivide each 2 kopek wrapper into two types with differences in size, making a total of six different wrappers.

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