Sadie Family, Kokerboom 2020

Sadie Family, Kokerboom 2020

Sadie Family, Kokerboom 2020

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Sadie Family, Kokerboom 2020


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VINIFICATION | The grapes are picked in the Citrusdal Mountains and it does require a major load of logistics to get the grapes down to the winery: the journey to the vineyard takes about 4 and a half hours so we only return to the cellar at the end of the day and then place the grapes in our cool room (at 4 degrees) for the night. The next day the grapes are sorted and the whole bunches go into the press. The pressing lasts 3 hours and in that period a margin of settling of the juice takes place in the collecting tank. The turbid juice is then transferred to one of our old foudres for fermentation.

The juice composition of the Kokerboom vineyard is usually very low in natural nitrogen and yeast nutrients and the fermentation takes about 10 days to start and normally equires 6 – 8 months to complete, which often brings us to the following spring. By then the malolactic fermentation would usually have come to completion as well.

AGEING | The wine is left in cask for the entire first 12 months on the fermentation lees and we bottle from the lees. We add about 60ppm of sulphur 2 – 3 weeks prior to bottling to ensure it is evenly distributed throughout the tank. We cannot mix it in for everything is still on the gross lees.

NOTES | The Kokerboom vineyard consists of around 80% white Green Grape and 20% red Green Grape. We pick them together and press them simultaneously. The wine is one of the richest wines we produce with pure volume and massive texture. The Semillon ripens very well in this area due to the high solar radiation and the grapes enter the cellar between 13.5 – 14% alcohol.

Kokerboom, also being from the Clanwilliam Mountains, had the same very low production on already very limited yields. But the purity of fresh fruit flavours and mineral qualities and some waxy aromas with lime, green apple and riper pear aromatics on the edge of the expression are not limited. The acidity and tannin balance are possibly the better of equilibriums we have had in this wine in years. the fermentation again took 8 months and the freshness of the bottled wine is incredible. Unfortunately, the quantities are the problem and our best advice is sharing the wine with others.


Location: Citrusdal Mountain

Grapes: Semillon / Groendruif (South African synonym)

Ageing: 12 months old foudre

Soils: Decomposed Table Mountain sandstone formations with a high iron content


Yield: 16 hl/ha

Alcohol: 14 %

Residual Sugar: 2,2 g/L

pH: 3,25

Total Acidity: 5,9 g/L

Total Sulphur: 72 mg/L

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