Naude, Langpad Colombard 2020

Naude, Langpad Colombard 2020

Naude, Langpad Colombard 2020

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Naude, Langpad Colombard 2020


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The Platter‘s Wine Rating System uses a 100-point scale to evaluate the quality of South African wines, with points awarded based on appearance, aroma, taste, and overall quality.

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Composition: 100% Colombard

Wine of Origin: Western Cape

Vineyards: Vredendal, West Coast


Due to much cooler evenings, the 2020 harvest was picked at least a week later than previous years. The mornings were foggy and chilly, resulting in the vineyards taking slightly longer to ripen. Day-time temperatures average at a hot 38 degrees Celsius, followed with a drastic drop in temperatures during the nights.


Arriving in South Africa during the 1920’s, Colombard (or Colombar as pronounced by some locals), became a variety that few talk about yet many (knowingly or unknowingly) often drink some form of it. Mostly used as a blending grape (or to produce Brandy or Cognac), Colombard’s neutral character opens itself up to a variety of personalities. But when the vines are planted in the right place and have been in the ground for long enough, Colombard becomes a mirror reflecting its terroir. This is when the grape is really able to shine. I believe that old vineyards have their own story to tell, and Colombard is no exception. My job is to bottle that story. Picked in small crates, from the truck and straight into whole-bunch pressing. Natural fermentation started after about 3 days. Thereafter wine was kept on the lees for as long as possible, because that is where the “magic” happens as complex flavours and texture develops. Because nature has already done the work, the winemaking process is kept as natural as possible with minimal interference.


Our Old Vines Colombard was grown on a 35 year old vine in the Vredendal-area, on the West Coast of South Africa. The farm lays about 35km from the ocean, resulting in an amazing Kelpy seaspray finish. We were amazed at how classic this cultivar can present itself, beginning with a gorgeous white peach and passion fruit on the nose, followed by pears and peaches and finishing with that saline salty freshness. The resulting wine is beautifully balanced and precise. True to its origins, it is understated and classical with a fine linear textural focus, however the palate is focused and bright, bristling with excitement owing to the prominent acidity. The long, saline finish will keep you coming back for more, but we recommend that you try and keep a few bottles back for ageing.

ANALYSIS: Alc. 12% | RS 1.1 g/L | TA 5.9 g/L | pH 3.4 g/L


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