La Vialla, Mussantino Selvatico 2018

La Vialla, Mussantino Selvatico 2018

La Vialla, Mussantino Selvatico 2018

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La Vialla, Mussantino Selvatico 2018


33 in stock

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Mussantino Selvatico, Metodo Ancestrale 2018
Grape blend: Pinot Nero
Acidity: 5.4 g/l

Residual sugars: 6.5 g/l

The “Metodo Ancestrale” (= ancestral method) used to create Mussantino Selvatico is the oldest used for making sparkling wine. Fermentation is direct, without the addition of sugars and yeasts for the formation of bubbles: while the must is still fermenting the “hatches” (of the tanks) are closed, and it’s the natural CO2 present that gives the wine its bubbles. The “ancestral” version of Mussantino has an adjective added to its name – “Selvatico” (= wild). It’s a wine faithful to the character of its grape variety, an autonomous wine. The great Pinot Nero harvested in 2018 has given an impressive, “simple”, semi-sparkling wine excellent acidity, good sugar content, thin skins, delicate colour. The bunches were directly pressed whole and immediate settling of all the solid particles avoided colouring the grape must… the delightful shade of pink was unavoidable. The wine is “whole”, with very low SOcontent – ancient and extremely modern at the same time.

Tasting – Colour

“rosino” (= pinkish).

The nose

Wild flowers, dog rose, lily of the valley, an olfactory explosion full of aromas that suggest freshness and “immediate” drinkability.

In the mouth

Lively and inviting with citrus acidity and pleasant effervescence.

Wine and Food Pairing

It’s delicious for an aperitif and “beyond”… with appetizers – onion frittata, savoury pancakes, cold cuts, crostini – meat or fish carpaccio, rice or pasta dishes with simple sauces.

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