La Vialla, Le Chiassaie V.S.Q. 2018

La Vialla, Le Chiassaie V.S.Q. 2018

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La Vialla, Le Chiassaie V.S.Q. 2018


43 in stock

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Grape blend: Pinot Nero, Trebbiano Toscano
Acidity: 5.6 g/l

Residual sugars: 7.2 g/l

Over the years and with the experience gained, the “recipe” for the first bubbly created at the Fattoria (1997) is, if we may say, even better… the wine has, however, maintained its characteristics: freshness, excellent structure and typical aromas of white fruit. In the 2018 vintage, accompanying the Pinot Nero, you will no longer find Chardonnay and Verdicchio, but there’s a return of the Tuscan touch given by Trebbiano Bianco. Today the wine is created by the union of two grapes that are completely different: Pinot Nero with its elegant notes, good acidity and freshness, and Trebbiano, rich in flavour, soft and sapid.

Tasting – Colour

Straw yellow with slight gold highlights, which increase as the wine ages in the bottle. Fine persistent perlage. Brilliant to the eye.

The nose

Fruity, white-fleshed fruit, first and foremost pear and apple, hints of tropical and citrus fruits. In the mouth: fresh, lively but with significant structure and body. Persistent, pleasant finish.

Wine and Food Pairing

With its intriguing fragrances and aromas, also thanks to its “sparkling” creaminess, it’s a welcome guest at an “aperitivo”, with tasty appetizers, as well as at a meal, with refined dishes, filling vegetable soup or pizza and fried food.

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