BLANKbottle, Sewejaartjie 2021

BLANKbottle, Sewejaartjie 2021


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BLANKbottle, Sewejaartjie 2021


10 in stock

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A 100% Grenache noir from the foothills of the Houwhoek mountains – Botrivier. The wine is on the light side of the spectrum but still heavier than all our other Grenache. Again, a very individual expression of the Van der Stel pass.

The Story

In July 2021 Aneen and myself were sitting on the stoep of our little Botrivier breakaway pod on the foothills of the Houw Hoek Mountains in the Overberg, when all of a sudden we heard a lion roar. Botrivier is known for many wonderful things, but being home to the Big 5 is definitely not one of them. The pods at Kol-Kol are booked out at least a year in advance and if you’ve ever been there you’ll understand why. We, on the other hand, are on the more spontaneous side of things when it comes to having fun, so getting on any type of list is a bit problematic. Back in the day I bought some Tinta Barocca from Botrivier and the wine turned out to be a great showman for the area. Since then, I have been keeping my eyes open for a way back into that part of the country. Then in 2020, a late night internet-advert put me into contact with Jo, a fired-up lawyer from Cape Town who farms 2 small vineyards on his property in the Van Der Stel pass (Botrivier) at the entrance of the famous Kol-Kol Lodge. Whilst picking the Sewejaartjie Grenache noir vineyard in 2021, Jo mentioned that if I ever needed to get onto the last minute cancellation list of Kol-Kol, I should let him know and he’ll see what he can do. And that is how we ended up on that Kruger-National-Park-soundtrack stoep. Turns out that a neighbouring farm owns a lion (as you do). Sewejaartjie – a 100% Grenache noir from that vineyard. The wine is on the light side of the spectrum but still heavier than all our other Grenache. Again, a very individual expression of the Van der Stel pass. The name Sewejaartjie: After our awesome weekend I was speaking to my UK importer Damon and it turns out that he got engaged at one of the Kol-Kol cabins named Sewejaartjie. In English, the name translates to “The everlasting daisy” or just “everlastings” – a famous fynbos flower found in the area that, as its name implies, lasts forever when dried and stored properly. Quite a fitting way to start a marriage I would say.

Technical Information

Cultivar: Grenache Noir

Vintage: 2021

Region: Walker Bay

Amount of Bottles Produced: 1450

Vineyard: Vines grow on the lower slopes of the Houw Hoek Mountains in the Overberg on the Van Der Stel pass. Vines trained according to the vertical shoot positioning method on a traditional 3 wire trellis system.

Winemaking: The grapes were picked at optimal ripeness and cooled overnight to 4 degrees celsius. The next morning the grapes were part destemmed and part taken as whole bunches to open top fermenters. Fermented spontaneously and left on the skins for 3 weeks. Pressed into older French oak barrels. 10 months in barrel, blended and bottled.

Alcoholic Strenght: 13% / vol

Acidity: 5.12 g/l

PH: 3.57

Reducing Sugar: 1.25 g/l

Free SO2: 31 ppm

Total SO2: 67 ppm

Volatile Acidity: 0.61 g/l

Closure: DIAM

Vegan: Yes

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