Fort Simon, Chenin Blanc 2012


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The vineyards

The grapes came from 19 to 21-year-old low trellised and bush vine vineyards planted in decompose granite soil and facing north to northeast at between 195 and 300 metres above sea level.

The winemaking

The grapes were harvested on 17 March 2012 by hand from a selected block in the early hours of the morning. Skin contact was done for several hours where both free run and pressed juice was used. Selected yeast strains were used and the wine fermented in French oak at 17⁰C. The wine was kept on the lees and aged in French oak for 6 months. The wine was stabilized for bottling after 6 months of aging.

Winemaker’s Comments

Tropical fruit punch, with hints of pineapple, quince, pear, guava and tea bush. A perfectly balanced wine with wood nuances, for a long lingering aftertaste.

Alcohol 14.68 Vol%
R.S. 1.8 g/l
T.A. 6.6 g/l
V.A. 0.47 g/l
FSO2 30 mg/l
T.SO2 103 mg/l
PH 3.23


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