Aaldering, Florence Chardonnay Sauvignon Blanc 2016


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Technical Analysis

ALC: 13%

Residual Sugar: 3.50 g/l

Total Acid: 5.96 g/l

pH: 3.45

Tasting Notes

A melody of tropical fruit with notes of fresh cut grass and lime. This crispy Sauvignon Blanc – Chardonnay blend is supported by a well-rounded palate with superb length and minerality.

Winemaking Report

The Florence range was introduced to o er exci ng and youthful blends that can be enjoyed regularly. The range was named a er the only granddaughter of Marianne & Fons, Florence. From the La n name Floren us or the feminine form Floren a, which also means ‘’prosperous’’ and ‘’to blossom’’.

2016 Harvest was the driest in over a century in South Africa. Extremely challenging, especially for white varie es. With very li le rain throughout the season irriga on management was of utmost importance. All grapes were hand-picked, destemmed and crushed. Juice was se led between 8-10 degrees Celsius and fermented between 12 & 14 degrees Celsius. The wine was le on the ne lees for 5 months before being racked blended, and prepared for bo ling.

Ageing Potential

Poten al aging between 1-3 years. Ideal serving temperature between 8-10°C.



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